Breathe Easy at Home Project


The mission of the Breathe Easy at Home Project is to improve the health of children with asthma by addressing the environmental health of their homes. Breathe Easy At Home strives to improve the quality of asthma care by providing the opportunity for health care providers to better connect to and impact the environment in which their patients live.

What We Do

Breathe Easy At Home is a web-based referral system through which healthcare providers can refer patients with asthma to housing officials for inspections in Providence and Pawtucket. Inspections are made for families with a child with poorly controlled asthma and whose rental housing is suspected to have substandard conditions that may be triggering the child's asthma. Asthma triggers such as the presence of cockroaches, mice, and mold or moisture problems can cause serious issues for some children with asthma.

Breathe Easy At Home is a voluntary program. Once parent consent is received, the Breathe Easy At Home process includes the provider’s referral to the city/town code inspector, the inspection report and notice of violation, reinspections, and enforcement against the landlord if necessary. The referring healthcare provider can track the process through KIDSNET, Rhode Island’s confidential, computerized child health information system. The case remains open until all housing code violations have been corrected.

The Breathe Easy At Home Project is in the pilot stage and not yet available to everyone. The Project may expand to more providers in Providence and Pawtucket in the future.

What You Can Do


Learn about your child’s asthma triggers. If your home has cockroaches, mice, and mold or moisture problems, speak to your landlord about fixing the problems and determine what you can do to help. If your healthcare provider is participating in BEAH, enroll in the program or talk to your landlord yourself about fixing problems that affect your child’s asthma. more Take steps to reduce the asthma triggers that you can control more, including using non-toxic cleaners. more


If asthma triggers such as the presence of cockroaches, mice, and mold or moisture problems are in the child’s home, provide educational materials and/or a referral to a certified asthma educator. Contact us for information on how to participate in Breathe Easy at Home. Once you become a Breathe Easy at Home Provider, you should follow these steps:

  • Screen for asthma triggers in the child’s home; more
  • Explain the Breathe Easy at Home Project process to the parent/guardian;
  • Have parent/guardian sign consent for referral;
  • Log onto KIDSNET to create referral to city/town inspector;
  • Monitor progress in KIDSNET throughout inspection process.


The Breathe Easy at Home Project trains city/town inspectors to identify asthma triggers that are also housing code violations. All inspection results are available to the provider through KIDSNET. After a referral is received, the inspector should follow these steps:

  • Contact family to schedule a home inspection;
  • Send notification of code violations and compliance deadline to landlord;
  • Conduct follow-up inspections until all violations are corrected;
  • Enter all inspection results into KIDSNET;
  • Enforce housing code violations in court when necessary.