KIDSNET information for Parents/Caregivers

KIDSNET helps parents/caregivers in several ways. KIDSNET:

  • Helps make sure that your child gets the right immunizations at the right time;
  • Keeps a single record of all the shots your child has ever received, even if you have moved or changed doctors;
  • Keeps a record of all preventive services your child may have received, such as lead screenings, hearing assessment, WIC or Early Intervention services, as well as visits from Home Visiting Agencies; and
  • Is accessible to your child’s doctor in Rhode Island.


Enrollment in KIDSNET is automatic. Parents/Caregivers do not need to to anything to enroll. Children are enrolled in KIDSNET in two ways:

  • At the time of birth for children born in Rhode Island; or
  • At the time they become patients of a doctor or program participating in KIDSNET.

Your child’s information is in KIDSNET if he or she:

  • Was born in Rhode Island on or after January 1, 1997;
  • Was born before 1997 and received an immunization from a KIDSNET provider.
  • Lives outside of Rhode Island but receives primary healthcare from a participating Rhode Island pediatric provider or program; or
  • Receives services through one of the KIDSNET affiliated programs: First Connections, Early Intervention, or WIC.

How You Learn About KIDSNET

KIDSNET makes a great effort to notify parents and guardians that their child’s information is in KIDSNET, especially because individual parental consent to include children’s information is not required.

Families learn about KIDSNET in different ways. You may get information from:

  • Your obstetrician’s office before your child is born; or
  • The birthing hospital at the time your child is born; or
  • A letter that KIDSNET sends to your home shortly after your child’s birth.

If your child was born outside of Rhode Island and sees a Rhode Island participating doctor or receives services at a KIDSNET participating program, your child’s information will be added to KIDSNET. A notification letter and fact card will be mailed to the child’s parents or guardians when the child’s information is added to KIDSNET, regardless of the age of the child.

Information In KIDSNET

KIDSNET contains information such as your child’s name, address, and healthcare provider, and your name. As your child grows, KIDSNET receives information on: immunizations, results of developmental assessment, hearing and metabolic screening, results from blood lead tests, home visits, and whether your child has participated in Early Intervention and/or WIC Programs.


KIDSNET protects information in the system very carefully. Only authorized users have access to KIDSNET. Healthcare providers, school nurse teachers, Head Start nurses, and staff from KIDSNET and its participating programs are authorized users. Access to KIDSNET is on a “need to know” basis. This means that users can only have access to the information in KIDSNET that is needed in order to provide services or to coordinate care for your child. more

Parental Rights

As a parent or guardian, you have the right to:

  • See your child's KIDSNET information, including immunization records. (Ask your child’s doctor for a copy)
  • Correct the information KIDSNET has about your child. Please let your child’s doctor know of incorrect KIDSNET information.
  • Contact us with us any questions by calling the HEALTH information line at 401-222-5960.
  • Restrict, block or restore access to your child’s information.