Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Program


To collect health data on risk behaviors, status, access to care, and screening practices of Rhode Island adults to identify and track at-risk populations.

What we do

  • Collaborate with states and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to write the survey.
  • Add questions of particular interest in the state after annual consultation with the Rhode Island Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Advisory Committee.
  • Monitor survey data collection activities. (The Rhode Island survey data collection is conducted by a third-party contractor, ICF International. Interviewers are conducted seven days a week using standard protocol.)
  • Release health behavior data to Rhode Island Department of Health programs, state agencies, and researchers to track health risks, identify emerging problems, prevent disease, and improve treatment.
  • Publish state-specific analysis about health issues including: asthma, diabetes, healthcare access, alcohol use, hypertension, obesity, cancer screening, nutrition and physical activity, tobacco use.