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Medical Emergency Distribution System


To ensure that Rhode Island maintains the ability to respond to a public health emergency by receiving, distributing, and dispensing medical countermeasures and supplies.

State and local plans and activities are developed in alignment with the requirements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement, including guidance related to the Strategic National Stockpile and Cities Readiness Initiative.

What we do

  • Maintain the State’s plan to receive, stage, distribute, and dispense or administer medical countermeasures and supplies during a public health emergency.
  • Prepare the state to respond to a bioterrorism or other infectious disease event by having a plan for each city and town to rapidly dispense or administer medical countermeasures to their entire population.
  • Store chemical nerve agent antidotes throughout Rhode Island so they are available to local emergency responders in the case of a chemical nerve agent event.
  • Coordinate annual exercises of points of dispensing (PODs).
  • Utilize points of dispensing for: flu vaccine, water distribution during hurricanes, and Tdap and Seasonal Flu vaccinations.
  • Train staff, volunteers, and medical professionals on state and local emergency mass dispensing plans.

Program Publications


  • Getting Medicine During a Public Health Emergency(2019) (English) (Spanish)