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Hospital Preparedness Program


To create and promote a state of readiness and prompt response to protect Rhode Island's healthcare system during an emergency.

What we do

  • Maintain and improve the healthcare system capacity and capability to respond to all hazards involving any of Rhode Island’s hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, assisted living communities, home health agencies, hospices, and other healthcare partners.
  • Test communication interoperability at healthcare facilities.
  • Develop tools to help build situational awareness across the healthcare sector during emergencies, such as the Hospital Capacity System and Patient Tracking System.
  • Promote healthcare system and community all-hazards preparedness through education, training, and exercises.
  • Integrate statewide preparedness activities at the facility level.
  • Plan and help healthcare facilities plan for emergency evacuation, fatality management, and patient decontamination.
  • Ensure that healthcare partners are prepared to provide support to individuals with disabilities and other access and functional needs as they respond to emergencies.