Violent Death Reporting System (RIVDRS)


To collect timely, accurate, and comprehensive surveillance data on all violent deaths and disseminate data to the public and stakeholders working to prevent violence in their communities.

What we do

  • Collect and abstract comprehensive data on violent deaths from state Medical Examiner records, death certificate, law enforcement (e.g., Police Department, Rhode Island State Police, etc.) reports, Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory data, and other sources using a web-based data entry system and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.
  • Develop and update a plan to maintain and enhance the Rhode Island Violent Death Reporting System
  • Explore innovative methods of accessing, reporting, and sharing data that could lead to improved timeliness and greater utilization of data for prevention efforts.
  • Disseminate Rhode Island Violent Death Reporting System data to partners, stakeholders, the public, and CDC.

Program Publications