Malpractice Awards, Judgment, and Settlements (within the past 10 years)

Physicians have different scopes of practice relevant to their specialty. Some specialties have higher risk of being the subject of a malpractice action than other specialties. Malpractice information should not be interpreted in isolation when evaluating a physician. Malpractice awards are divided into three categories, low, medium and high, based on the dollar amount of the award.

When reviewing this information, it should be noted that physicians has been in practice since their license date issued. The recipient of this report should take this into account when evaluating this information.

The recipient of this report should also note, malpractice settlements may occur several years after the actual incident occurred due to the time a lawsuit takes to move through the legal system. Malpractice claims sometimes are settled for reasons other than physician liability and sometimes are settled by the insurer without the physician's consent. Physicians perform procedures of different complexity and this may affect their risk of malpractice.

Settlement of a claim may occur for a variety of reasons which do not necessarily reflect negatively on the professional competence or conduct of the physician. A payment in settlement of a medical malpractice action or claim should not be construed as creating a presumption that medical malpractice has occurred.

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Name Category Settlement Amount Range Date
Anis, Sarah Medical MEDIUM 2024-02-16
Appenfeller, Rex Medical HIGH 2023-07-11
Assanah, Earle Medical LOW 2020-07-14
Balerdi, M Aurora Medical MEDIUM 2023-06-26
BARAJAS, ANTONIO Medical HIGH 2015-10-28
Belanger, Michael Surgical MEDIUM 2022-07-20
Bernal, Oscar G Medical HIGH 2023-11-08
Black, Richard Medical HIGH 2021-08-26
Blazar, Steven Surgical MEDIUM 2023-07-14
Blazar, Steven Surgical HIGH 2022-04-22
BLAZAR, STEVEN L Surgical MEDIUM 2018-06-11
Bledsoe, Thomas Medical MEDIUM 2023-06-24
Bloomenthal, Aaron Surgical HIGH 2023-08-14
Bourganos, George Medical MEDIUM 2022-08-02
Bradley, Michael Surgical LOW 2021-08-18
Brayboy, Lynae Surgical HIGH 2021-10-29
Calenda, Alexander Surgical LOW 2020-06-26
Cameron, Alison Medical MEDIUM 2023-12-18
Cermik, Dilek Surgical LOW 2019-02-25
Chen, William Medical HIGH 2022-10-07
Chirichigno, Jason Medical MEDIUM 2022-08-09
Chronley, David Medical HIGH 2021-01-04
Cicchelli, Robert Medical MEDIUM 2023-04-24
Cicerchia, David Surgical MEDIUM 2023-07-14
Cicerchia, David Surgical HIGH 2022-06-27
Clairborne, Wayne Surgical HIGH 2016-03-25
Coburn, Michael Surgical MEDIUM 2018-11-21
Colavita, Mauro Surgical LOW 2019-03-11
Colby, Jay Medical HIGH 2016-08-16
Comeau, Donnella Medical MEDIUM 2019-01-14
Constantinou, Maria Medical LOW 2021-03-29
Coppa, A Michael Surgical HIGH 2023-04-28
DaSilva, Manuel Surgical MEDIUM 2019-02-27
DENNISON, JANE M Medical LOW 2018-02-26
Deruosi, Joseph Medical MEDIUM 2020-02-18
Diffin, Daniel Medical LOW 2022-02-22
Donohoo, Jay Medical MEDIUM 2024-01-16
Earp, Ralph Medical LOW 2020-02-26
EHSAN, AFSHIN Surgical MEDIUM 2018-05-25
ETTENSOHN, DAVID B Medical MEDIUM 2017-11-14
Famador, Ma Liza Ann Medical LOW 2020-07-08
Felber, Karl Medical HIGH 2020-12-22
Finkelstein, Jason Medical MEDIUM 2022-06-09
FOREMAN, DOUGLAS S Medical HIGH 2017-10-12
Fried, David Medical HIGH 2022-06-27
Gerber, Alex Medical LOW 2020-04-27
Goldstein, Jack Surgical LOW 2020-01-23
Graves, Theresa Surgical LOW 2021-03-29
Guglielmo, Maria Surgical LOW 2020-02-07
Gupta, Rajeev Medical HIGH 2019-11-14
Handel, Todd Medical HIGH 2022-11-15
Harkavy, Maureen Medical MEDIUM 2022-01-13
Healey, Terrance Medical HIGH 2021-06-24
HEREC, DAVID A. Medical LOW 2018-07-27
HERU, MICHAEL R Medical HIGH 2017-10-05
Himelfarb, Nadine Medical LOW 2021-06-21
Hochberger, Daniel Medical MEDIUM 2018-11-19
Hodgson, Benjamin Medical HIGH 2023-07-21
Hofmann, Robert Medical MEDIUM 2023-03-16
Houston, Jeffrey Medical MEDIUM 2022-07-25
Hubbard, Leonard Surgical MEDIUM 2022-07-12
Iannuccilli, Nicholas Medical MEDIUM 2021-07-08
Jacobs, Marianne Medical HIGH 2020-11-17
Kagan, Samuel Medical MEDIUM 2016-07-18
Kahn, David Medical MEDIUM 2020-06-11
Katzin, Roy Medical LOW 2019-08-12
Khawaja, Hussain Medical LOW 2023-01-13
Kleinhenz, Dominic Surgical MEDIUM 2024-02-15
Klipfel, Adam Surgical MEDIUM 2021-05-24
Klufas, Roman Medical MEDIUM 2019-01-16
Kokturk, Tolga Surgical HIGH 2023-04-21
Kommana, Harisha Medical MEDIUM 2024-01-16
Koness, R. James Surgical MEDIUM 2024-01-24
Kong, Insu Medical MEDIUM 2024-03-11
KURL, RITA S. Medical LOW 2018-06-21
Kwan, Daniel Surgical LOW 2021-11-15
Lambrecht, Jon Medical LOW 2019-07-07
Lareau, D. Michael Medical HIGH 2020-03-31
Lavigne, Bradford Medical MEDIUM 2019-11-14
Levin, Rolina Medical HIGH 2020-10-19
Lieberman, Jeffrey Medical HIGH 2023-01-12
Liporaci Lucena, Rafael Medical HIGH 2023-06-19
MADDOCK, DAVID AUDOEN Surgical HIGH 2017-11-13
Mahon, Selwyn Medical MEDIUM 2019-05-07
Malik, Amer B Medical MEDIUM 2024-02-19
MARSOCCI, GERALD Surgical MEDIUM 2018-08-02
Marsocci, Gerald Surgical LOW 2016-05-31
Mazloum, Naji Surgical MEDIUM 2023-04-10
McGoldrick, Karen Surgical HIGH 2022-08-09
McRae, Robert Surgical HIGH 2019-01-30
Michaud, Pierre Surgical MEDIUM 2024-02-13
Migliori, Stephen Surgical MEDIUM 2018-10-02
Mileikowsky, Jennifer L Medical LOW 2024-02-15
Miner, Thomas Surgical MEDIUM 2022-11-22
Montalvo Ayala, Rafael Medical MEDIUM 2017-10-16
Moreira, Carla Surgical LOW 2021-05-14
MOULTON, ANTHONY L Surgical MEDIUM 2017-11-14
Mysels, David Medical MEDIUM 2019-12-27
O'Leary, John Medical MEDIUM 2022-12-21
Olivares, Alvaro Medical LOW 2022-11-09
PAREEK, GYAN Surgical LOW 2018-04-05
Pensa, Frank Surgical HIGH 2022-04-15
Perez, Kimberly Medical MEDIUM 2018-03-02
Phillip, John Surgical HIGH 2017-02-07
Phillips, Martin Surgical LOW 2019-07-03
Potter, Jeffrey Medical MEDIUM 2023-10-12
Ramos, Donald Surgical MEDIUM 2018-12-12
Rayner, James Medical MEDIUM 2020-10-29
Raza, Fatima Medical HIGH 2022-09-29
Reilly, Philip Surgical MEDIUM 2019-03-06
Ridlen, Mark Medical HIGH 2018-09-17
Risica, Robert Surgical LOW 2018-10-10
Rocha, Anthony Medical MEDIUM 2017-02-07
Roderick, Paul Medical MEDIUM 2020-08-05
Rodriguez, Edgardo Medical LOW 2020-08-20
Rosenbaum, Arnold Surgical HIGH 2019-11-11
Sachs, George Medical LOW 2020-10-22
Salk, Robert Surgical LOW 2020-07-22
Salloum, Ibrahem Medical MEDIUM 2020-08-04
Schneider, Steven Surgical MEDIUM 2022-02-09
Schneiderman, Stuart Medical MEDIUM 2021-05-12
Schultze, Dietrich Medical MEDIUM 2024-03-05
Shah-Hosseini, Bahram Surgical HIGH 2019-09-18
Shahinian, Thomas Surgical MEDIUM 2020-02-13
Shalvoy, Robert Surgical MEDIUM 2023-05-26
Shalvoy, Robert Surgical HIGH 2021-10-20
Shalvoy, Robert Surgical HIGH 2021-06-02
Singh, Arun Surgical MEDIUM 2021-03-08
Stephenson, Jonathan Medical MEDIUM 2019-11-09
STOUKIDES, JOHN A Medical LOW 2018-08-28
Sullivan, Rachel Surgical MEDIUM 2024-01-11
Sussman, Arlene Medical HIGH 2023-03-15
Taneja, Charu Surgical MEDIUM 2016-06-27
Thomas, Anthony Medical HIGH 2023-03-03
Valente, James Surgical HIGH 2023-10-27
Vrees, Matthew Surgical MEDIUM 2017-02-03
Werner, Erika Surgical HIGH 2021-03-31
Whang, Brian Surgical MEDIUM 2022-10-27
Witt, Wendy Medical MEDIUM 2021-11-04
Wu, Michael Medical LOW 2020-06-18
YAKAVONIS, VINCENT J. Surgical MEDIUM 2018-03-28
Zizza, Vincent Medical LOW 2021-03-31
ZIZZA, VINCENT J., III Surgical MEDIUM 2018-07-25
ZWETCHKENBAUM, JOHN F Medical LOW 2017-10-06