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09/16/2021 09:39 EDT
Initiation of Review: Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island for a Change Order to the Rhode Island Department of Health's July 24, 2017, Certificate of Need approval to renovate its existing 20-bed birth center.


09/15/2021 17:06 EDT
September 21, 2021 Health Services Council Meeting Agenda
09/15/2021 13:42 EDT
Initiation of Review pertaining to Linn Health and Rehabilitation for the Initial Licensure of an Organized Ambulatory Care Facility
08/24/2021 09:30 EDT
August 24, 2021 Health Services Council Meeting Agenda

Surgery Center, Physician

Delay in Printing of Licenses.

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing a delay in the printing of licenses. All licensee status and expiration dates can be verified at

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Renewal applications are sent out 60 days before your expiration date. If you have lost your renewal application or did not receive one contact us for a new copy.

Physician or Podiatry Ambulatory Surgery Center

Establishment and Certificate of Need approval of a multi-practice Physician Ambulatory Surgery Center or multi-practice Podiatry Ambulatory Surgical Center requires prior review by the Health Services Council and written approval of the Director of Health. Completion and submission of the Letter of Intent form and the Certificate of Need Application is a prerequisite to licensure. The Letter of Intent form must be submitted prior to submission of the Certificate of Need application to the Center for Health Systems Policy and Regulation.

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