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Lead Poisoning Information for Schools & Child Care Centers

Lead screening entry requirement

The Department of Health's lead screening entry requirement for schools asks that all public and private kindergartens, day care programs, preschools, early childhood education programs, and other child care facilities require a statement from the child’s healthcare provider at the time of initial enrollment indicating compliance with state lead screening requirements for children.

A simple statement on a school health form such as "Child is in compliance with lead screening? Yes/No", signed by a healthcare provider, is sufficient to comply with this requirement.

Legal authority

The Lead Poisoning Prevention Act does not require healthcare providers to report lead screening test results and dates to schools, though some preschools and schools may have policies in place requesting this information. Schools are also not required to exclude children from preschool or school if the lead screening requirement is not met. This is because not being screened for lead poisoning does not pose a risk to any other students.


The lead screening entry requirement does not apply if a child’s parent or legal guardian signs a statement indicating that blood lead screening is contrary to his/her religious beliefs.

Renovation, repair, and painting

Rhode Island's Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule requires anyone doing renovation, repair, or painting on a pre-1978 licensed child care facility to be licensed as a Lead-Safe Remodeler/Renovator and affiliated with a licensed Lead Hazard Control Firm. This includes work performed on day cares, preschools, and elementary schools. more