Home Health Agency Quality

Since 2004, Healthcare Quality Reports has published information on the quality of care administered by home health agencies, including data on patient satisfaction and care outcomes. If you know in advance that you or a family member will need home health care, this information can help you compare home health agencies and choose among them. You can also visit home health agencies or ask friends and family for their thoughts and experiences.

Inspections: The Office of Facilities Regulation inspects home health agencies to ensure that they adhere to state and federal standards. You can contact us to learn more about an agency’s inspection results.

Quality of Care: Our Healthcare Quality Reporting Program publishes reports comparing flu vaccination rates for employees at different agencies. Healthcare workers’ vaccination can help their patients stay healthy. Use the reports to how often employees receive the flu vaccine each year.

People who work for home health agencies can help protect patients from infection by getting the flu shot or other flu vaccine every year. This Report shows how often home health employees get a flu vaccine, so higher percentages are better. more

Patient Satisfaction: Learn what patients say about their experiences with Rhode Island agencies by viewing the results of patient satisfaction surveys published by Medicare.

Medicare Quality: Medicare also publishes information about the quality of care provided by Medicare-certified home health agencies.