Data Sources

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Data


To provide Early Hearing Detection and Intervention data to help people learn about newborn hearing screening and follow-up services in Rhode Island.

Key Information:

The Rhode Island Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program collects hearing screening, diagnostic audiology, and Early Intervention data about babies born in Rhode Island. These data are used to help us ensure that all babies receive a hearing screen at birth, and if needed receive timely diagnostic audiology and early intervention services to promote healthy language and brain development.

How data are collected:

All data are submitted to KIDSNET. Newborn hearing screening data come from the hearing screening equipment and are submitted by the hospital, midwife, or other hearing screening professional who conducted the hearing screen. Audiologists enter diagnostic data into KIDSNET or submit paper forms that are entered by RI-EHDI staff. With parent consent, Early Intervention data are sent electronically from the Early Intervention data system to KIDSNET or collected manually and data entered into KIDSNET EHDI data.

* Check back for updates as we continue to add more data.