Data Sources


Diabetes Data


To provide ongoing surveillance on the burden and distribution of diabetes in Rhode Island.

Key Information

Self-reported information on diabetes risk factors and healthcare access.

Rhode Island Numbers 2021

  • In 2021, about 92,577 (10.4%) of Rhode Island adults reported having been diagnosed with diabetes, compared to 6.0% in 2000. 
  • However, the CDC estimates that 23.0% of all US adults with diabetes are undiagnosed and do not know they have it.
  • If left unmanaged, diabetes could result in increased risk of other chronic conditions, including diabetic retinopathy and chronic kidney disease.  
  • The risk of developing diabetes increases with both age and weight.
  • A lower socioeconomic status is associated with risk of diabetes, as people lack ready access to resources that help them stay healthy:

Percentage of RI Adults with diabetes who ...

  • Not everyone with diabetes is receiving recommended health maintenance.