Child Care Centers Immunization Reports


To assess immunization coverage rates for children and workers at DHS-licensed center-based child care facilities in accordance with state regulations.

Key Information

All parents/guardians of children attending a center based child care facility must provide documentation that their child is up-to-date on required vaccines. Child care workers must also provide documentation that they are up-to-date on required vaccines.

How data are collected

Each year, licensed child care facilities are required to submit their children's (ages 19-59 months) and workers' immunization status data for the previous calendar year through a web-based survey by March 31. Results are calculated based on reported data by child care centers. Not all child care centers responded to the survey, so results may not reflect the entire city/town. The survey was extended this year through April 2020.

Key Information

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Key Findings, 2020

  • In 2020, 153 child care centers in Rhode Island (about 50% of required centers) reported the immunization status of their workers and children. The reporting rate in 2020 is lower than previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. list of reporting child care centers
  • Children enrolled in child care centers: The immunization rates for assessed children enrolled in child care centers were high for DTaP (97.6%), Polio (98.1%), MMR (98.7%), HepB (98.0%), Varicella (98.4%), Hib (97.7%), and Pneumococcal (96.9%) vaccines. The flu immunization rate was relatively low (92.0%). Overall, 89.7% of all assessed children were fully immunized with all required vaccines.
  • Child care center workers: While the vaccination compliance (vaccinated or had evidence of immunity) rates among assessed workers working in child care centers were high for MMR (98.2%), Varicella (98.0%), and Tdap (99.4%) vaccines, the flu vaccination rate was relatively low (95.0%).