Cesarean Section (C-section) Births


To determine trends over time and differences among Rhode Island's Birthing Hospitals in Cesarean birth rates.

Key Information

Number and rates of overall primary and repeat cesarean births

Collection Period

Since 2002

Rhode Island Numbers

  • The statewide rate of Cesarean births has slightly increased from 30.8% in 2015 to 31.4% in 2017.

Definitions from the National Center for Health Statistics

VBACs: Vaginal births after cesarean section deliveries
Primary C/sec rateNumber of primary cesarean deliveries divided by the Total number of deliveries minus number of previous cesarean deliveries (including VBACs)
Repeat C/sec RateNumber of repeat cesarean deliveries divided by Total number of repeat cesarean plus VBACs deliveries
Total C/sec rateNumber of cesarean deliveries (repeat and primary) divided by Total number of deliveries