Licensee Complaints

The Department of Health takes licensee complaints seriously. We will investigate and take appropriate action against healthcare providers, and other licensees that do not comply with Department of Health standards.

What you should know about filing a complaint

  • We do not investigate fee or billing disputes. If you have a financial dispute you may file a complaint with the RI Attorney General or your insurance company.
  • We do not investigate issues related to personality conflicts or poor customer service.
  • If your complaint is in regards to not receiving your medical records in a timely fashion, please be sure to tell us the date you signed an Authorization for Release of Medical Records. Under Rhode Island regulations, the physician has 30 days to transfer your records.
  • The investigation is kept strictly confidential.
  • You cannot take a complaint back.
  • The named licensee may be notified and provided with a copy of your complaint. If so, your identity will also be shared with the licensee, unless you ask that we not disclose it. The licensee may be asked to respond to your allegations by a certain date. You may ask us to withhold your identity, but that may limit our ability to investigate your complaint, since we will not be able to ask for records or discover other evidence. We encourage you to share your name and contact details in your complaint in the event that we need more information.
  • Investigations may take several months, particularly if medical records or other information need to be subpoenaed.
  • You may be requested to testify as part of the fact-finding process.
  • The investigation may lead to: no action and a closed complaint, a letter of concern to the licensee based on your complaint, or recommendation that the licensee be disciplined. The licensee may accept the discipline or contest the allegations which may result in an administrative hearing.

Submit a Complaint

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Make sure it's the correct person / business

Click on the licensee in the list below to make sure it is the one you want to file a complaint against. In the next window, click the "file a complaint" button.