Asthma Action Plans

the Action Plan documentAsthma is complicated. A person with asthma may breathe perfectly well when asthma triggers are avoided. That person may still need medication to keep asthma at bay. When an asthma attack begins, different medication is needed to keep the attack under control, and if the medication is not effective, emergency medical procedures are needed.

Asthma is personal. The triggers that set off asthma vary from person to person, and the medications and doses that are used to treat the disease are also different.

An Asthma Action Plan helps patients and caregivers better manage the complications of asthma. It explains how and when to take what medications and when to call for help.

What patients and caregivers should do

  • Meet with a doctor to develop your Asthma Action Plan
  • Make copies of the plan available to schools, camps, babysitters and other caregivers
  • Consider entering the plan into My Asthma Pal, a mobile phone app that makes it easy to share the asthma plan information, set medication reminders, and monitor symptoms.