Assisted Living Information for Potential Residents

Choose carefully

Choosing the right assisted living residence is a very important decision for you and your family. Consider researching and visiting several assisted living residences, and meet the staff. Ask questions and discuss any issues you feel might arise. If possible, sample a meal, observe activities, and make sure you are comfortable with the information you receive. Other considerations may include how close the residence is to church, your doctor, and family and friends. Compare features, services, location, and pricing. Once you have narrowed your choices to a few prospective residences, carefully review their disclosure statements which will tell you:

  • Identification of the residence and its owner and operator;
  • Level of license and an explanation of each level of licensure;
  • Admission and discharge criteria;
  • Services available;
  • Financial terms, to include all fees and deposits, including any first month rental arrangements, and the residence's policy regarding notification to tenants of increases in fees, rates, services and deposits;
  • Terms of the residency agreement, including the process used in the event that a resident can no longer afford the cost of care being provided.