Adolescent Transition for People with Special Health Care Needs

Adolescent Healthcare Transition assists youth, parents, physicians, and other providers in the transition and transfer of youth with special healthcare needs from pediatric to adult healthcare. Health affects all aspects of life; school, community, and job success are all associated with good health. The increasing number of youth with disabilities and chronic health conditions who survive into adulthood has necessitated a shift in the approach to educational, health, employment, and independent living services toward ensuring that individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions are included and can fully participate in education, meaningful employment, and community living. To achieve these goals as adults, youth with disabilities and chronic health conditions may require support and services to help them transition in all aspects of their adult lives, especially healthcare. Providing this support implies effective engagement with both patients and their families.

What We Do

The Department of Health implements Rhode Island's three-pronged approach to addressing adolescent healthcare transition by performing a comprehensive statewide needs assessment, conducting family/youth outreach and education, and providing resources to healthcare providers. more