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Sullivan Roberts
Rules Coordinator


Administrative Procedures Act

In 2016, the Rhode Island legislature passed an update to its Administrative Procedures Act (APA), which requires all state agencies, including the Department of Health, to better communicate and explain regulations. The APA requires state agencies to make regulations easy to find on the website and to put the text of the regulations in a standard format that was designed by the Secretary of State's office. All state regulations will be published in this uniform format online on the Secretary of State's and this website by January 1, 2019.

What Rhode Island Department of Health is doing

We (and all state agencies) are going through the legal process to remove outdated rules, make sure regulations address modern day needs of businesses and the public, write new regulations that state law requires, and improve current regulations so they are easy for all Rhode Islanders to understand.

When the Department of Health started reviewing all of its regulations, we saw that sometimes, the regulation included guidelines and helpful background information. However, it was not always easy to know if the information was a requirement or was meant to be helpful information.

From now on, regulations will be streamlined to clarify requirements for people and businesses licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health. Guidance information and other communications material related to regulations will be posted here. Some examples of information that will not be included in regulations any more are forms, brochures, or policies.

What you can do

If you see new or changed regulations and have any questions about them, call Health's Info Line at 401-222-5960. We will help you find the answers to your questions.

If you want to learn more about APA process statewide, visit the websites for the State's Office of Regulatory Reform or the Office of the Rhode Island Secretary of State.

Benefits of the APA

  • All state regulations will be easy to find and understand. They will be posted on one website.
  • It will be easier for business owners and licensees to find and understand the rules and laws that protect the public's health, which will lead to improved public health outcomes.
  • It will be easier to operate a business in Rhode Island.


11/14/2018 07:46 EST
Objection period ends December 14, 2018. Please see the link provided above for the timetable for action on the proposed direct final rulemaking, summary of proposed amendments, and instructions on how to submit objections to this direct final rulemaking.
08/31/2018 09:33 EDT
Public comment period ends October 5, 2018. Public hearing regarding these regulations will be held September 21, 2018 at 10:00AM. Please see the link provided above for full details on the public hearing and how to submit public comments.