Legislative Report 2008

Health Care Quality

Rhode Island Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act creates voluntary Patient Safety Organization.  Public Law 2008-157 ((H7561 Sub B) and Public Law 2008-175 (S2677 Sub Aaa)

Health Care Quality and Value Database added to Health Planning statute.  Public Law 2008-114 (S2481 Sub B) and Public Law 2008-207 (H7465 Sub A)

Mandatory reporting of hospital acquired infections added to public reporting statute and added a hospital acquired infection and prevention sub committee.  Public Law 2008-097 (S2382 sub A) Public Law 2008-154 (H7962 Sub Aaa)

Pressure Ulcer monitoring added to Health Care Quality Program Public Law 2008-024 (S2284) and Public Law 2008-029 ((H7281)

Professions Regulation statutes updated

Pharmacy Board membership expended to three terms Public Law 2008-374 (S 2672 Sub A)

Optometrists’ Practice Act updated, prescription privileges expanded and practice act separated from Optician Practice Act. Public Law 2008-305 (H 8089 Sub A) and Public Law 2008-433 (S 2889 Sub Aaa)

Psychologists’ Practice Act updated and licensing requirements brought into conformance with current practice. Public Law 2008-303 (H 8038 Sub A) and Public Law 2008-416 (S 2676 Sub Aaa)

School Health and Safety

Nut Allergy posting clarified in Public Law 2008-096 (H7463 Sub A) and Public Law 2008-090 ((S2130 Sub A).

Hypoglycemia incidents response added to Education statutes.  Public Law 2008-243 (H7014 Sub Aaa)

Physical education requirements linked to school health.  Public Law 2008-245 (H7280 Sub A) and Public Law 2008-463 (S2621Sub A)