Legislative Report 2006

Community Health and Equity

2006 Public Law 599 (H7773 Aaa)
This act updates the HIV statutes and authorizes "name reporting" to the Health Department of persons who have received a diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus.

2006 Public Laws 262 and 293 (H 7467 A and S 2706 Aaa)
This law requires that insurance companies who provide coverage for physician services and prescription drugs, should also offer coverage for tobacco cessation programs and prescription nicotine replacement therapy.

2006 Public Law 230 (H 7071 A)
This act clarifies the definitions, violations and penalties for furnishing and procuring alcoholic beverages to underage persons

Public Laws 232 and 235 (H 2072 A and S 6700 Baa)
This act increases the penalties for refusing to submit to a Breathalyzer test.

2006 Public Laws 186 and 322 (H 7372 Baa and S 2451 A)
This law prohibits the use of cell phones by minors while operating motor vehicles.

Environmental Health

2006 Public Law 611 (S 2756 A)
This act requires restaurants to make choke saving devices and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) mask and gloves available.

Family Health

2006 Public Laws 231 and 234 (H 6968 aa and S 2696 B)
These acts require that food and beverages sold in elementary, middle and junior high schools satisfy the nutritional guidelines as defined by the statute.

2006 Public Laws 269 and 294 (H 7414 A and S 2369 A)
These acts establish an Adult Influenza Vaccine program at HEALTH that will commence with the 2007-08 influenza season.

Health Planning

2006 Public Laws 336 and 337 (H 8055 A and S 2741 A)
These acts amend the Determination of Need for New Health Care Equipment and New Institutional Health Services statute by adding the Health Insurance Commissioner as an interested party and provide a mechanism for funding of consultants by applicants.

2006 Public Laws 354 and 462 (H 7424 Aaa and S 2757 Aaa)
These acts require that the Department of Health to develop a report on coordinated healthcare planning by April 2007.

2006 Public Laws 543 (S 2618 A)
This act extends the present moratorium until June 30, 2009 for the approval of additional nursing home beds.

Health Services Regulation

2006 Public Law 218 (H 7572 B)
This act permits variances to statutory requirements for utilization review entities to facilitate investigation of fraud and abuse by certified review agents to evaluate suspicious practice patterns.

2006 Public Laws 221 and 355 (H 7654B and S 2753Aaa)
These acts update the healthcare utilization review statute.

2006 Public Laws 176 and 251 (H 7748 Aaa and S 3081 aa)
These acts expand the prescription dosage allowable by statute to a maximum of 300 units for schedule IV and V prescription drugs in order to provide the subscriber with a three-month supply.

2006 Public Laws 401 and 510 (H 8256 and S 3201)
These acts extend to June 30, 2010 the Administrative Procedures Act provisions authorizing the Department of Health to utilize email notification of proposed rule changes and public hearings.

Office of State Medical Examiner

2006 Public Law 542 (S 2616 aa)
This act amends the Office of State Medical Examiner statute to allow for the provision of necessary information to federally designated organ procurement organizations in order to facilitate organ and tissue donation.

Professional Licensure

2005 Public Laws 442 and 443 (S 710 B and H 6052 Aaa)
These acts allow possession of medical marijuana by registered patients (and by their registered care givers) who are diagnosed with certain health conditions.

2006 Public Laws 129 and 170 (H 7103 B and S 2177 B)
These acts update the statute for the licensure of orthotists and prosthetists.

2006 Public Laws 261 and 277 (H 8122 and S 2750)
These amendments update the statute authorizing licensure of interpreters for the deaf.

2006 Public Laws 325 and 448 (H 7772 A and S 2384 B)
These acts allow dental hygienists to practice in nursing homes under certain conditions.

2006 Public Laws 130 and 156 (H 7311 Baa and S 2606 B)
These acts state that a professional signature from a nurse practitioner or physician assistant is acceptable in any place where a physician signature is required.

Quality of Health Care

2006 Public Laws 248 and 274 (H 8243 Aaa and S 3170 Aaa)
The Health Care Quality Performance Measurement and Reporting Program has been expanded to include certain licensed health care professionals.

2006 Public Laws 353 and 463 (H 7386 Aaa and S 2760 A)
This act requires that hospitals establish policies for the safe handling of patients.

2006 Public Laws 361 and (S 2615 Aaa)
These acts update the reporting requirements for the Long-term Health Care Ombudsperson.

2006 Public Law 540 (S 2415 Aaa)
This act requires disclosure by the Department of Corrections to nursing and assisted living facilities that prospective residents being placed by the Department have committed certain crimes and that security and other measures may be appropriate to protect the health, safety and welfare of other residents and staff.

Vital Records

2006 Public Law 607 (H 6723 aa)
This act requires Vital Records to issue a new birth certificate to a foreign adoptee based on the provision of five specific documents.