Information for WIC Participants

Your WIC benefits provide you and your children with healthy food choices. You will receive regular monthly checks and additonal checks for Farmers' Markets and fruits and vegetables. Whatever check you use must be written for the cost of approved foods only. You cannot cash your check for cash or get change from the check. If you want to purchase items that are not on the approved foods list, you must pay for them separately.

Types of WIC Checks

Regular WIC Checks

WIC checks are accepted by most chain stores and many local neighborhood stores. The staff at your WIC agency can help you find stores in your area that accept WIC checks. You can use coupons and store savings cards when buying WIC foods

Farmers' Market Checks

Checks can only be used at WIC approved Farmers' Markets. Three checks will be issued to be used from June through October. Participants can use these checks to purchase fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and fresh cut cooking herbs from farmers in the program.

Fruit and Vegetable Checks

Checks are issued monthly throughout the year based on eligibility. You can purchase any fresh fruits or vegetables for eating. Checks can be combined. Paying the difference is allowed. Checks can be used at both Farmers’ Markets and retail stores that accept WIC.

Breastfeed your Baby

Breastfeeding is good for both mothers and babies. more WIC supports and promotes breastfeeding among its participants and provides breastfeeding education as part of its parent and child nutrition services.

Where to Get Help

Problems with a Store

Contact your local WIC Offices with any problems or complaints.

Lost Checks

WIC cannot replace lost or stolen checks. Protect them as you would cash or personal checks.

Moving out of State

If you are on the WIC Program in Rhode Island, you will be able to get WIC when you move. It is best to call your WIC office before you move. They can give you the phone number of a WIC office near your new home and complete the necessary paperwork for you to take to your new WIC site.

Other Problems or Questions

Call your local WIC agency with any questions.