Violence and Injury Prevention Program


To reduce intentional injuries caused by violence and suicide, and unintentional injuries caused by falls, motor vehicle crashes, and prescription drug overdoses.

What we do

  • Fund injury prevention programs in schools provide students with the skills they need to sustain healthy relationships and to prevent suicide, violence and rape.
  • Fund primary care practices to provide falls risk assessments and community based agencies to provide exercise programs to prevent falls among older adults.
  • Provide data and research information to key decision makers about the effectiveness of a primary seat belt law, enforcing laws that stop Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and on other related issues that will save lives.
  • Partner with other government agencies, local organizations, and community coalitions including professionals from child and adolescent health, traffic safety, emergency medical services, health care, education, law enforcement, fire prevention, social services, SAFE KIDS coalitions, and others to prevent injuries in our communities.