Seal RI! School Based Dental Sealant Program


SEAL RI! is a RI Department of Health program that partners with several Rhode Island community organizations to provide school-based dental sealant programs across the state. With parental consent, these programs provide oral health education and access to preventive services, such as cleanings and dental sealants. Extra effort is made to target children living in the state's core cities who may be at higher risk of tooth decay.

School-based dental sealant programs are an effective way to prevent or reduce tooth decay and reduce oral health disparities among children. These programs are especially important to the oral health of children who are less likely to receive private dental care, such as children from low-income families. more The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that if 50% of children at high risk participated in school sealant programs, over half of their tooth decay would be prevented and money would be saved on their treatment costs. more

Participating Schools/Providers

School-based dental sealant programs are coordinated in select schools across Rhode Island by five providers. Participating schools will provide information about their school-based dental sealant programs to parents. School administrators, school nurse teachers, and parents can contact program providers directly for more information about these programs. If your school does not participate in the SEAL RI! Program please contact your school nurse teacher. If your child already has a private dentists, please make sure to ask your dentist or dental hygienist about sealants. list