Andrea Bagnall Degos
Center Lead

Educational Materials

Center for Public Health Communication


To partner with department divisions, centers, and programs to turn data into compelling information, helping Rhode Islanders to make educated health decisions.

What We Do

  • Provide strategic guidance and technical assistance in the development of program and Department communications.
  • Develop, maintain, and ensure the implementation of Department communication policies.
  • Help ensure that program messages and tone are aligned with the Department's priorities and communication guidelines.
  • Strategically use and maximize the Department's communication tools to disseminate public health messages.
  • Provide a high level of service to internal and external customers.

Programs Within

Information Line

We coordinate a multi-lingual single point of telephone entry for the Department. We can take calls Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM., in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our number is 401-222-5960 / RI Relay 711. During public health emergencies, we activate a separate Emergency Information Line at 401-222-8022.

Health Educational Materials Order Center

We provide readily available medical and educational materials free of cost for health professionals, community based agencies, and all Rhode Island residents. more

Print Shop

We provide a variety of printing and finishing services (e.g. folding, binding, drilling, cutting) for Department staff as well as customers from other state agencies. We also sort Department mail daily.

Key Focus Areas

Communication Planning, Development, and Support

  • Work with Department and program leadership on strategic communication plans.
  • Set and ensure the implementation of communication policies and templates.
  • Help ensure that program messages and tone are aligned with the Department's priorities and communication guidelines.
  • Provide assistance with materials and campaign planning and development, including:
    • Communication research
    • Writing and editing
    • Graphic design
    • Print production
    • Advertising strategy and media buys
    • Evaluative research

Media, Public Relations, and Emergency Communication

  • Work with the media to inform the public, write press releases, organize press events, and respond to media inquiries.
  • Coordinate with the Governor's office and other state agencies on highly visible issues.
  • Provide media and spokesperson training to staff and outside partners.
  • Coordinate minority media outreach.
  • Update and implement the Department's Emergency Public Information Plan and coordinate risk communication training for staff and outside partners.

Website Development and Maintenance

  • Oversee website and web page development and design.
  • Maintain site content.
  • Work with programs to determine the best way to present data and other content online.
  • Run data reports on web usage to make decisions on website and web page development.

External Customer Service

  • Coordinate the Department's HEALTH Information Line and Emergency Information Line.
  • Serve as the central point of entry for visitors to the Department.
  • Respond to emails from the website. more
  • Receive, store, and distribute educational materials and coordinate mass mailings. more
  • Coordinate translation requests and review translations.
  • Work with the Department's CLAS standards workgroup to ensure adherence to national standards for cultural competence and language access.
  • Coordinate literacy and cultural relevance testing.