Physical Activity and Nutrition


To prevent and address overweight and obesity.

What We Do

  • Build nutrition and physical activity “infrastructure” to better address obesity prevention in Rhode Island
  • Implement statewide nutrition and physical activity policies and interventions.
  • Provide training to our partners and sharing best practices, improving communication and building partnerships around obesity prevention, and developing action plans with our partners to address obesity in a coordinated way.
  • Implement policy, systems, and environmental changes that make eating well and being active easier for all Rhode Islanders
  • Believe, and research shows, that behavior change is more likely to take place and continue when the environment makes it easier for people to make the healthy choices.
  • Develop and manage specific, evidence-based programs and initiatives with the goals of increasing physical activity and improving nutrition by changing the policies, systems, or environments that prevent people from making better choices.
  • Analyze and track obesity-related data. We track and share obesity, physical activity, and nutrition trends in the state and make recommendations for programs and policies that will improve these trends.
  • Produce reports on the state of obesity and related risk factors, as well as reports on obesity prevention efforts in Rhode Island.

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