Forensic Sciences Laboratory


To examine evidence and provide expert scientific opinion in legal and criminal cases for police departments, the Attorney General, the Medical Examiner, and other law enforcement and regulatory agencies. This laboratory section helps detect and solve crimes, identify drunk drivers, and aids in the investigation of violent crimes, such as rape. Through DNA and CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), the lab provides definitive information to close murder cases, even some unsolvable for many years. The lab produces confirmation of illegal drug use and drug trafficking. It is science in the service of justice.

What We Do

  • Employ forensic analysts using the most modern scientific instruments and equipment.
  • Support state and local law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of crime through the use of the latest scientific methods.
  • Provide expert opinion, consultation and sworn testimony in court proceedings.
  • Work with the FBI and other federal agencies on joint investigations.
  • Provide secure storage of crucial evidence taken in criminal investigations.
  • Operate separate specialty areas, each with it’s own trained subject-matter experts.