Division of Environmental and Health Services Regulations


To protect the public's health and to promote healthcare by ensuring the quality of care and services by professionals, facilities and organizations that impact health.

Programs Within

Beach Monitoring

Minimizes public health risks associated with swimming at public beaches through effective water quality monitoring, public notification, and working with communities and the Department of Environmental Management to identify and eliminate sources of contamination.

Drinking Water Quality

Monitors, regulates, and provides assistance to operators of public drinking water supply systems, private wells, water bottlers, and public swimming pools.

Facilities Regulation

Ensures that health care facilities provide health care services in accordance with prevailing community standards of care through a focused, responsive, uniform enforcement program.

Food Protection

Assures the safety of the food supply through inspection and plan review of food establishments, food recalls, and investigation of complaints and foodborne disease outbreaks.

Health Professionals Regulation

Enforces professional standards to ensure the highest quality health care, to license health care professionals, and to conduct responsive complaint investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Health Systems Development

Administers the state’s health planning and licensure functions such as certificate of need, hospital conversion, change in effective control, initial licensure, and tertiary care services.

Medical Marijuana

Permits a person with a debilitating medical condition(s) to use marijuana if a physician certifies in writing that the marijuana may mitigate the symptoms of the condition(s) and that the potential benefits of using medical marijuana would likely outweigh the health risks to the patient.

Managed Care Regulation

Protects health care consumers and providers by enforcing regulatory standards related to health plans and utilization review agencies.

Radiological Health Program

Assures the safe use of radioactive materials, x-ray equipment, and tanning equipment in order to prevent excessive exposure to both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation through a targeted enforcement program.