Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program


To promote policy, environmental, and system changes to support cardiovascular health and education to increase awareness of the need for such changes.

What we do

  • Work to achieve national heart disease and stroke prevention program goals by launching and sustaining a statewide, coordinated effort to prevent and control heart disease and stroke.
  • Designate Heartsafe Communities in collaboration with the Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program and the American Heart Association, Providence Affiliate.
  • Define the burden of heart disease and stroke and assess existing population-based strategies for primary and secondary prevention of heart disease and stroke within the state.
  • Plan statewide approached to reduce heart disease and prevent stroke, with emphasis on heart-healthy policy development, physical and social environmental change.
  • Strive to eliminate health disparities by identifying at-risk populations and developing culturally appropriate approaches for those populations.
  • Use population-based public health strategies to increase public awareness of the urgency of heart disease and stroke, their signs and symptoms, and the need to call 911.
  • Educate Rhode Islanders on the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke.
  • Improve emergency response and the quality of heart disease and stroke care.
  • Partner with the Stroke Task Force and the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Steering Committee to leverage our efforts.

Our Programs