Tobacco Control Program


To eliminate tobacco-related disease.

What we do

  • Prevent the initiation of tobacco use among young people by developing youth-focused anti-tobacco media, and social-media campaigns.
  • Alert parents and teens of the dangers of newly emerging flavored and smokeless tobacco products marketed toward a younger generation of tobacco users.
  • Promote quitting among young people and adults.
  • Campaign to eliminate nonsmokers' exposure to secondhand smoke at public housing authorities LIVE SMOKE-FREE.
  • Partner with community organizations to advise others on adopting smoke-free policies in outdoor areas including: college campuses, restaurants and cafes patios, parks, and beaches.
  • Identify Rhode Island populations that bear a greater burden of tobacco-related health issues than average. (They include: African Americans, pregnant women, adults with disabilities and/or chronic diseases, people with low socioeconomic status, and adults with serious mental health conditions.)
  • Work to reduce or eliminate the increased tobacco-related health burden borne by these populations.