Nurse-Family Partnership


To improve pregnancy outcomes and early childhood health by helping women engage in good preventive health practices; parents develop a vision for the ir family's future.

What we do

  • Serve low-income expectant first-time mothers and their newborns in Central Falls, Newport, Pawtucket, Providence, West Warwick, and Woonsocket.
  • Provide guidance on preventive health and prenatal practices during the early-stage home visits, nurse family visitors help their clients find appropriate prenatal care, improve their nutritional intake, reduce the use of tobacco, alcohol and/or illegal substances, and become more knowledgeable about pregnancy as well as labor and delivery.
  • Offer a special kind of support by taking a family-centered approach and focusing on the mother's strengths to help her achieve goals for herself and her baby.
  • Welcome expectant fathers and/or other family members to participate in visits.
  • Provide encouragement to women as they become new parents and provide knowledge and support around child growth and development.
  • Serve as a "life coach"¯ to the mothers, working with them to set personal goals to plan for the families' futures ¯from continuing education to finding employment.
  • Link families with social services including mental health and substance use and alcohol treatment services.
  • Help help mothers and newborns find a medical home if they do not have.
  • Support women and their families as they continue their education or seek employment.

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