Healthy Families America Program


To build and maintain partnerships in communities to strengthe n families and the ir protective factors.

What we do

  • Serve Expectant mothers and families with newborns. Families may have more than one child. In Rhode Island, Healthy Families America provides services to low-income women and men in priority communities.
  • Utilize long term, evidence-based family visiting programs.
  • Identify family needs. We meet with families to see if they want or need long-term family visiting services. For some families, this kind of service is not right, or they need other services, such as a parenting class. Work with families to identify what they want and need.
  • Establish trusting, consistent relationships between our staff and families, to helps families grow and change.
  • Help expectant mothers and families access community resources and supports, plan for education and jobs, and decrease social isolation.
  • Encourage and offer emotional support to parents. During visits, our staff focus on developing strong, healthy relationships between parents and children. They help parents read their children's cues and respond in nurturing ways. We also help parents become more self-sufficient and confident in their roles as parents.
  • Teach parents about their child's development, including age-appropriate milestones. Using the Growing Great Kids curriculum, we foster nurturing parent-child interactions and encourage brain development and stimulation through play.
  • Link families to patient-centered medical homes for both parents and children. If pregnant women enroll, We help connect them with prenatal care, ensure that children are up-to-date on immunizations and receive all their well-child visits.
  • Work with families to create a safe home environment for the entire family.