Bottled Water Program


To protect and promote the health and safety of the people of Rhode Island by ensuring that water bottlers adhere to quality, standards of identity, and manufacturing practice standards set by the Food and Drug Administration FDA.

Bottled water may come from several sources: artesian water\artesian well water, drinking water, mineral water, purified water, sparkling water, spring water or well water. Bottled water must adhere to the FDA's regulations:

  • Quality Standards include the annual chemical analysis to determine what, if any, contaminates are in the water.
  • Standards of Identity (Labeling Regulations) established standard definitions of terms found on bottled water labels.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices govern such areas as plant and ground maintenance, sanitary maintenance of the building, fixtures and plumbing

What We Do

  • Annual chemical analysis to determine what , if any, contaminants are in the water
  • Ensure that product labeling meets federal standards
  • Provide manufacturing plant and grounds inspections of buildings, fixtures, and plumbing.

Bottled water is a food product, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration FDA. Bottled water is defined as Intended for human consumption, sealed in bottles or other containers, and has no added ingredients, except that it may contain safe and suitable antimicrobial agents.