How to Renew Your License

The Department of Health requires licensees to renew their licenses to ensure that they meet current requirements, including those for continuing education. Requirements and timetables for renewal are established by law and vary by type of profession. Licensees should refer to the regulations governing their license types for specific renewal information. more

Online Renewal

Renew Online: Online renewal can take as little as 24 hours to process. You can renew your license online if you received a notification in the mail during your renewal cycle with a Registration Code. Online renewal fees can be paid by using one of the following: ACH/EFT (Online Checking Account Draft), Master Card or Visa, Debit or Credit and ATM Cards. Pre-Paid cards can also be used during the online renewal process.

If you have misplaced your notification you can obtain your renewal registration code by either calling the Health Information Line at (401) 222-5960 or by emailing the Licensing Office.

If there are issues with your submission, you will be contacted and the renewal will take longer. License wallet cards will be mailed 4 to 6 weeks after the license has been renewed. You or your employer can verify licenses anytime by visiting our verification website.