Healthcare Quality Information

The quality of health care impacts patients in many ways. High-quality care can speed your recovery from illness or procedures, improve your ability to stay well, and improve your quality of life. Before choosing a healthcare provider, you should look for information about the providerís performance, visit or call the facility, if possible, and ask your family and friends about their experiences.

What You Should Do

Select healthcare providers that perform well compared to their peers.

What We Are Doing


The Office of Facilities Regulation inspects healthcare facilities to ensure that they adhere to state and federal standards. You can contact us to learn more about a facility’s inspection results.

Rhode Island Quality Measures

Our Healthcare Quality Reporting Program, created by state law, provides information about providers’ performance, such as quality of care and patient satisfaction. You can access information about home health agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians and other licensed independent practitioners.

What Medicare is doing

Medicare publishes additional information about the quality of care provided by Medicare-certified home health agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians.