We can help

  • Quit tobacco.
  • Connect you with a certified counselor over the phone at times that work for you.
  • Get nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) gum, patches or lozenges while supplies last.
  • Inform your doctor on your progress

How this works

Your doctor will refer you to free help quitting smoking and will receive follow-up reports that will help you on your quit journey.
2018 New Year NRT Special Offer: SIX WEEK Supplies!
As of 1/1/2018, free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is available to patients ages 18+ in SIX-WEEK supplies of gum, patches, or lozenges, but only while supplies last. That’s FOUR extra weeks of NRT added to patients’ free two-week supply! Refer patients today!

Who we help

Patients who use tobacco that have been referred a healthcare provider.



Where to get QuitWorks-RI