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What They Do

Family Planning Agencies, supported by the Department of Health, serve individuals on a sliding fee scale, based on income. Services provided include:

  • counseling and education on birth control methods,
  • pregnancy testing,
  • HIV counseling, testing, and referral services,
  • yearly physical exams,
  • screening for testicular, breast and cervical cancer,
  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and
  • some lab testing

In addition, family planning programs encourage teens to involve their families in their decision to seek family planning services. They also provide counseling to teens on how to avoid coercive attempts to get them to have sex. Family planning agencies do not provide abortion services.


Federal family planning laws require that services and birth control supplies be provided on a sliding fee scale, based on income. Agencies, however, may ask for a donation. Bills to minors obtaining confidential services must be based on the resources of the minor and clients must not be denied services because of the inability to pay. Services are provided to Medicaid eligible, non-Medicaid eligible and privately insured clients.


All services are confidential for all patients. Adolescents can receive confidential birth control visits or HIV/STD testing without parental notification or consent.

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