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We and our partners have formed the Community Health Network to give people a "one stop shop" for wellness programs. Community Health Network programs give you the tools to take control of your health. Many programs are free or low-cost and are available in your community. Eligibility varies by program, so check for details in our Find Wellness Programs listing below. These programs are proven to work and are fun and interactive.

For Healthcare Providers

All programs complement the clinical care of providers. By the end of the program, patients will have learned how to set goals to improve their health and lifestyle, manage their symptoms and medication, work with their health care team, talk with family and doctors, relax, eat well and handle difficult emotions. By gaining these skills, patients will become activated and engaged in their care. Healthcare providers will receive feedback on the status of any patient referrals.

  • Healthcare providers can set up an in-person academic detailing with Community Health Network staff to learn about resources that give your patients tools to take control of their health.
  • Refer your patients to a specific Community Health Network Program

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