Public health emergencies, such as floods, hurricanes, and health pandemics, are unpredictable. Taking steps to protect health and safety is a top priority in every emergency situation. There are simple things that you and your loved ones can do to better prepare for and respond to any public health emergency.

What You Should Do

Make a Kit

Prepare for an emergency by gathering supplies, including a flashlight and extra batteries, first-aid kit, food and water, essential medicines, and copies of important documents stored in waterproof containers.

Make a Plan

During an emergency, it is important to know how to reach family members. Pick meeting spots and designate a Rhode Island family emergency contact. Gather and make copies of contact and medical information for each family member. Make a plan for your pets. Make sure everyone is familiar with evacuation routes. more

Stay Informed

During an emergency situation, listen to the radio and/or the TV and follow the advice of local or state officials. Check the Department's news page for the latest health information.