Diabetes Information for Parents

Children with diabetes can lead a healthy, active life with family support, community resources and quality medical care. more

What You Should Do

When your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes it can be challenging, but it can be controlled. Children and families should work with their doctor and diabetes team in finding a treatment plan that is best for them. As a parent you want to make sure that your child’s diabetes is under control with a careful balance between the food they eat, exercise and insulin injections. The best way to control these factors things this combination is by sticking to your child’s set schedule for blood checks, insulin injections and snack times. The main goal for any child with type 1 diabetes is to maintain normal growth and development, keeping blood sugar levels within a target range and promoting a healthy emotional well being. more

Coordinate care with your child's school and health care team. more

What We Do

We coordinate the Rhode Island Diabetes Council which maintains a Diabetes and Children subcommittee group with parental participation. The subcommittee works to promote effective communication among pediatricians, schools and parents to make sure that school-children with diabetes get the care they need. In the community, we address the increase of type 2 diabetes among children. We also collaborate with the Initiative for Healthy Weight to work on issues of childhood obesity and promote physical activity in children. more