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  • Vital Statisitics Annual Reports 2004

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Infant Mortality

  • Purpose: To understand and combat infant mortality.
  • Key Information: Causes of death of infants aged less than a year in-state or out-of-state to Rhode Island resident mothers.

Rhode Island Numbers

Infant, Neonatal, Perinatal and Maternal Deaths 1973 to 2010

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  • Infant deaths are those that occur within the first year of life.
  • Neonatal deaths are infant deaths that occurred prior to the 28th day of life.
  • Late Fetal deaths, refers to fetal deaths of 28 weeks or more uterogestation.
  • Early Infant deaths occur after birth but before the seventh day of life.
  • Maternal deaths to pregnant women or to women within 42 days of the end of a pregnancy related to or aggravated by the pregnancy. (more)