Hospital Financial Data

  • Purpose: To analyze the finances of Rhode Island's community hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Key Information: Financial data from Audited Financial Statements and Medicare Cost Reports
  • Collection Period: 2002 to present

Rhode Island Numbers

  • In 2008, the financial ‘health’ of RI’s hospitals deteriorated. Statewide profitability declined from 3.5% to 0.1%, and net worth fell 12%.
  • In FY 2007 (the most recent year for comparable data), RI’s hospitals’ financial condition was relatively favorable. Statewide, they were more profitable than hospitals in the Northeast (3.5% vs
    2.7%), and their net assets grew faster (15% vs 9%).
  • Rhode Island’s 13 private non-profit hospitals are a $3.0b dollar industry comprising 5.8% of the Gross State Product (in 2008).(more)

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