Diabetes Data

Rhode Island Numbers


  • An estimated 7.4% (62,000) of Rhode Island adults have diagnosed diabetes. This is consistent with an estimated prevalence of 8.3% self-reported diagnosed diabetes among adults in the United States. The approximately 31,000 adults who have diabetes, but remain undiagnosed, increase the proportion of adults with diabetes to 12%, resulting in an estimated 93,000 Rhode Island adults with diabetes. more

Morbidity and Mortality

  • The age-adjusted rate of diabetes hospital admissions has remained relatively stable from 2005 through 2009, with approximately 15 admissions with a primary diagnosis of diabetes and 200 admissions with a contributing diagnosis of diabetes per 10,000 Rhode Island adults.
  • The rate of non-traumatic lower extremity amputations (NTLEA) among adults with diabetes in Rhode Island is steadily decreasing. In 2008, Rhode Island came very close to meeting the Healthy People 2010 goal, with 3.1 NTLEA per 1,000 adults with diabetes.
  • In Rhode Island, diabetes is the eighth leading cause of death. There were 7,360 diabetes-related deaths in Rhode Island during the period from 1995 to 2005.
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Economic Burden

  • People with diabetes have medical expenditures 2.4 times higher than they would if they did not have diabetes. In Rhode Island, direct healthcare costs for adults with diabetes amount to an estimated $722 million annually. Of these expenses, $420 million was attributable to diabetes (versus healthcare costs that adults without diabetes would also incur). more