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  • Roseann Giorgianni
    Chief, Center for Vital Records State Registrar
  • Angel Reyes
    Deputy State Registrar
  • William Lyons
    Death Registration Manager
  • Melissa Wilson
    Customer Service Supervisor
  • Ana Tack
    Birth Registration Supervisor






Birth Records


To register births occurring in Rhode Island and to mothers who are Rhode Island residents whenever the birth occurs.

Key Information

Demographic information about mother, (age, race, municipality of resident) and birth weight.

Collection Period

Ongoing, data collected since 1982.  Preliminary data on births occurring in Rhode Island are available within one year after the end of the calendar year, including out-of-state births to RI residents.  Final data are available no sooner than 2 years after the end of the calendar year.

How data are collected

Data are sent in from the Rhode Island's birthing hospitals, mother's who deliver at home and any of 57 reporting jurisdictions within the country where a Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Numbers