Adolescent Health Risk Behavior Data

Rhode Island Numbers

Depression and Violence

  • Since 2007, the prevalence of physical fighting, dating violence, forced sexual intercourse, and planned suicide attempts declined.
  • In 2013, the percent of students who felt depressed (sad or hopeless) and the percent of students who attempted suicide attempts rose compared to 2007.

Tobacco Usage

  • In 2013, the prevalence of current smokers, heavy smokers and any tobacco use among high school students decreased compared to the prevalence in 2007.

Alcohol Usage

  • Four alcohol use measures among high school students have improved since 2007: current drinking, early drinking, binge drinking and driving and drinking.

Drug Abuse

  • In 2013, there was a slight increase in marijuana use compared to 2007, but a decrease in cocaine use during the same time period.

Obesity & Risk Factors

  • The prevalence of obesity among high school students has remained constant since 2007, while the prevalence of students reporting lack of exercise and limited consumption of fruits and vegetables has decreased slightly.

Sexual Activity

  • Compared to 2007, a smaller percentage of high school students have reported being sexually active, having multiple sex partners and having unprotected sex in 2013.
  • Compared to high school students in 2007, fewer students are engaging in risky vehicular behavior including not wearing a bike helmet, not wearing a seat belt and driving and drinking.

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