About Us


The primary mission of the Rhode Island Department of Health is to prevent disease and to protect and promote the health and safety of the people of Rhode Island.

What We Do

The Department of Health is a diverse and interactive state agency with broad-ranging public health responsibilities. As Rhode Island has no local health departments, we coordinate public health activities across the state. All programs and services are coordinated by our Divisions and Centers. Our main areas of responsibility are:

Community, Family Health & Equity

We work to eliminate disparities in health and access to care, ensure healthy homes and environments, prevent and control disease and disability, promote health and wellness activities, and support early childhood development. (more)

Emergency Preparedness & Response

We protect health during catastrophic events and large-scale disasters and emergencies by coordinating education, assessment, planning, response, and support services with healthcare providers, public safety agencies, and government officials. (more)

Environmental & Health Services Regulation

We license and regulate health professionals, facilities and health plans, monitor the safety of public drinking water and beaches, and assure the safety of the food supply and of radiological equipment. (more)

Health Data & Analysis

We collect and analyze health data about Rhode Islanders and use the data to identify health problems among the state's population and subgroups. (more)

Health Information Technology

We promote and support the use of health information technology across the state, including electronic medical records, e-prescribing, and the development of a statewide health information exchange, in order to increase the quality of healthcare in Rhode Island. (more)

Health Laboratories

We provide analytical and technical laboratory information to support disease surveillance, prevention, and control, environmental health protection, food safety, and emergency response activities. (more)

Infectious Disease & Epidemiology

We monitor the prevalence of diseases in the community and investigate, control, and prevent outbreaks. (more)

Management Services

We manage and deliver efficient personnel, purchasing, finance, and systems support services to the Department in an equitable, effective, proficient, and courteous manner.

Medical Examiners

We screen deaths for public health significance and determine the cause and manner of deaths. (more)

Public Health Communication

We provide high-quality, timely, and accurate health information for the public so they can understand health risks and make healthy and safe choices. (more)

Vital Records

We register, file, and maintain birth, death, and marriage certificates and publish related data. (more)