Director Michael Fine, MD

Dir. Fine

Michael D. Fine, MD was appointed Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health in July 2011. In this role, Dr. Fine oversees a state agency with more than 400 employees and an operating budget of $110 million that is responsible for coordinating a broad range of public health programs and services.

Dr. Fine’s career as a family physician, community organizer, writer, innovator and advocate has been devoted to healthcare reform, equal life chances, and democracy.

He is the coauthor, with James W. Peters, of The Nature of Health (Radcliffe, 2007), a study of healthcare services, human rights, society, technology, and industry. He also wrote The Zero Calorie Diet (Red House Press, 2010), a look at the culture of excess through the lens of fasting.

Dr. Fine lives in Scituate, Rhode Island with his wife.  He has two adult children.